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FilM Star Aleeze Nasser : With Hard work goes to complete blockbuster Movie ‘Yalghaar’

FilM Star Aleeze Nasser : With Hard work goes to complete blockbuster Movie ‘Yalghaar’

K ARACHI: in the middle of the many pending the release of highly-anticipated Movie ‘Yalghaar’ is Aleeze Nasser, who is all set to make her Movie first appearance with the future film which features a stellar celebrity cast.

Actress Aleeze admit that prior to signing Yalghaar, she didn’t know any of the actors in the film and was uninformed that they were such big stars. “I didn’t know how big they were, I just wanted to do my best. But everyone was very charming and friendly, they welcomed me in truth well and didn’t treat me like an foreigner.”

Aleeze was also all admire for her director: “Doc is a mastermind. everybody says that and now I am saying it too. He is a very evolved person and not just as a Director; I think he is a really talented person in entirety.”

as well acting, Aleeze is aggressively concerned with the Dubai Film Commission which regularly collaborates with Bollywood and Hollywood Directors. It is consequently not shocking that she has been signed by Denzel Washington for his entrance directorial undertaking and was even offered a lead role in a Bollywood film.

Apart from Yalghaar, she has also been signed for Waar 2 and another Pakistani film in which she will feature as a “female Robin Hood.”


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