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Yalghaar Movie to release in 60 countries in 8 Main languages

Yalghaar Movie to release in 60 countries in 8 Main languages
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The film stars most of Lollywood’s famous, attractive stars like Shaan Shahid, Bilal Ashraf and Umair Jaswal. And if that wasn’t good sufficient news, guess what. Yalghaar Movie will be released in 60 different countries in 8 main different languages. It will be screened in more than 800 cinemas around the world!

The film Yalghaar, which has been in making since 2014, has been dubbed into German, Japanese, Norwegian, English, and Chinese languages. With a financial statement of 26.50 Crore, its mega-huge release comes as no surprise. Releasing on Eid-ul-Fitr, the promotions of the film will start from 17th of June 2017. The first show of the film has been held in reserve for the children of Edhi Foundation and the families of martyrs of Rawalpindi.

Whatever mistaken belief there is about them, the army, I didn’t see that. They are aggressive and strict like people say they are. They are really engaging. They invited us to dinner in their homes, they introduced their families to us. They are very nice people. shared Gohar with admiration.



We also asked about the stoppage in release, seeing it has been in production for three extended years.

Bilal spoke self-confidently.

“I have just returned from the color grading session in London. Yalghaar is a hit, no doubt about that.”

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