Mohan Raja in a successful streak; I could join hands with this star actor!

The past few years have been fruitful for the director, Mohan Raja of Jayam's fame. The eldest son of editor Mohan and brother of ...

The past few years have been fruitful for the director, Mohan Raja of Jayam's fame. The eldest son of editor Mohan and brother of actor Jayam Ravi, Mohan Raja was often criticized for making films of other languages that showed no real talent of the filmmaker. Raja found a new opportunity in his professional life in 2015 with Thani Oruvan, a frenzied success.

A successful writer-director After a series of commercially successful films, Raja was not a satisfied director despite the success of his films, since the same was due to the content of the original language than to his abilities as a director. Raja took his time, conceptualized and directed Thani Oruvan, starring his brother, Jayam Ravi, Nayanthara and Aravind Swamy. The film was a colossal success and was also reformed in Telugu with Ram Charan. 
The young director who was described as the director of the remake, for the first time, was immensely proud of his work since his product was redone to another language. The prominent protagonist of Sivakarthikeyan, Velaikaaran, has also had great success and is still running in theaters. Even before completing his full career, Velaikaraan, is labeled as one of the top box office of 2017 and the biggest commercial success in the career of Sivakarthikeyan. 
Velaikaaran, is rich in content with a formidable story, an interesting and logical script along with certain entertaining elements. Possible combination with Vijay Thalapathy talapathy Vijay is often seen as appreciating the talented young actors and directors of the industry and discussing the possibility of a film with him. 
A recent photo of Raja and Vijay is circulating on social networks that energized movie circles and fans with a ray of hope. Both Raja and Vijay had previously joined for Velayudham, which did not generate much fuss at the box office.
When the director was asked about the agenda of the sudden meeting, he commented through his Twitter account: "It was a casual meeting, something we do very often after our launches." 
We discussed several things, including possible and future projects together " - Sic "I met my 'Dear friend' in the long time ... Watta, he is ... He had a wonderful talk, something we miss these days ... 
The way he was proud of Velaikkaran is one of the best moments for me ... "- Sic We have often seen the actor Vijay meeting, greeting and discussing various things with promising filmmakers in order to find the possibility of a film. This meeting could well be one of the reasons mentioned and one might expect some scorching news some time later.